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Common Chicken Health Diseases and Problems

Fowl Pox

There are 2 diffent types of Fopwl Pox, Wet and Dry. Heres a link from Texas A&M Poultry Division with treatment recommendations and how to know the diagnostic criteria.


INFECTIOUS CORYZA... AKA Acute Respiratory Disease (common cold for humans) No, humans can't catch it from their chickens. Symptoms: bubbles seen in the eyes, gurgly sound with breathing, swelling around the face and eyes. There may be hard yellow 'gunk' underlying here. It gets tricky knowing weather this is a routine Coryza outbreak or something like MG/MS. The only way to actually get a true diagnosis is having a bacterial culture performed by a vet. Chickens acquire this disease by direct transmission from an infected bird. This is why biosecurity is so important. Treatment includes Erythromycin and oxytetracycline in drinking water.


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